Liquore Caffè

The alcoholic energy drink par excellence. Baldoni revives the liqueur following its original recipe, the one invented in the 19th century in the city of
Ancona, the first liqueur produced by Mario Ottavio Baldoni in 1944.

Obtained from the infusion of a blend of the finest coffees using the same artisanal system adopted since the company was founded. .

Delicious as a digestive or at any time to give the day a boost..

Proof 32
Content 0,700 Lt
EAN code 8004625000706
Bottle dimensions height cm 26,4 – diameter cm 8,6
Weight Kg 1,240
Packaging 8 bottles
Packaging dimensions / weight cm. 36,5×19,5xh27 / Kg. 10
Pallet layers from 12 packaging – max 3 layers per pallet