That little something extra for over half a century!

Welcome to the Company

A large company that still retains the craftsmanship and commitment of a small artisan workshop.
BALDONI has been producing top-quality liqueurs for half a century, skilfully crafted according to themost authentic of traditions. The result are products blessed with distinctive rich and harmoniousflavours, based on recipes that seek to enhance flavour and refinement through the combination ofthe ingredients chosen for the liqueurs. The raw materials are carefully selected and all processing isundertaken meticulously and with the utmost care.

Liquori BALDONI is most certainly known for its ‘Liquore Caffè’ (Coffee Liqueur), the perfect way toend a good meal.
It was invented by Mario Ottavio Baldoni in 1944.
With the help of an old liquor expert, the founder of this Ancona-based company started out byproducing a drink obtained entirely by infusing coffee and subsequently mixing it with sugar andalcohol.
At first it was only served to friends and acquaintances, then, seeing how popular it was, Baldonidecided to offer his liqueur to the market: it was a success..

From 1969 to 2019, the company was run by his son Giorgio, who, with the same commitment andpassion as his father, kept the tradition intact, combining it with the dynamism of a moderncompany.
Today, Francesca Baldoni, the third generation, has taken over the helm of the company. She hasbeen able to give continuity and value to the ideas and projects that her father started, proposing awide range of dry liqueurs such as Anice, Rhum Creola and sweet liqueurs from Maraschino toAmari.
Along with the well-known Liquore Caffè, among the products the company is most proud of is itsAmaro del Pescatore produced through the maceration of herbs with digestion-aiding properties.

Punches are very popular, from the classic Rhum ‘Creola’, delicious in any season, to the softerflavours of mandarin, orange and chocolate.
Syrups are also excellent, both for making refreshing drinks and sophisticated cocktails.
Limoncino, iced Amaro and Sambuca are the most ‘trendy’ at present, enjoyed both at home and atthe bar.
In addition to the classic nougats, the company produces other special nougats with the samegenuine and carefully-selected ingredients used in the production of liqueurs.
These are:
Rhum Nougat, Coffee Nougat, Mandarin Punch Nougat and Lemon Nougat.

The company has always been renowned for its famous Creola Baldoni, from which the Torrone AlRhum was created, and now, for the delight of those who love strong flavours, the Rhum CreolaPanettone has been launched, with the distinction of being the only panettone to have the taste ofrum evenly distributed throughout the dough.
You only have to taste it once to be won over.
In 2018, Baldoni created Baldoncini, delicious dark chocolate pralines filled with Rhum Creola cream.